Production Glue - Harmon AKG with Quincy Jones


Production Glue (PG) - New York, NY. PG is a live event company with an ambition to advance the live event and the guts to carry it out, PG has done award-winning work with hundreds of brands and agencies. Across the spectrum of strategy, creative and technical direction, PG brings a precise balance of daring and control to every event. While no two projects are alike, PG prides themselves on always discovering unique locations, talent and technology. And delivering flawlessly on every detail, from start to finish.


Production Glue - Harmon AKG, Madison Avenue, New York. This Quincy Jones based private event featured the unveiling of his new signature headphones at Harmon's flagship Madison Avenue store. A live performance segment featured the Alfredo Rodríguez Duo with Michael Olivera. This event required the careful load-in of a new BMW concept vehicle through the front glass window in the late evening. What an honor and privilege to meet the legend himself... Q.


In coordination with our partners at Mooring CG, E1 provided site survey analysis, technical direction, production management and logistical site coordination