MKTG - Amazon Boost


MKTG specializes in delivering strategic, business-oriented marketing solutions for leading brands via sport and entertainment marketing, live experiences, retail marketing, hospitality, b2b engagement and sponsorship marketing.


Pier 94 - New York, NY: Amazon Boost with FBA was an invite-only private conference that offered a deep dive into the tools, techniques, and insights of the Amazon seller platform. The event had three large presentation rooms with one featuring a large branded main stage/theater for keynote speakers and presentations. The event included various vendor and seller vignettes, multimedia kiosks, custom scenic display elements, branded breakout rooms, catering and hospitality, display vehicles and creative lounge areas that completely transformed a large raw warehouse space into an ultimate networking event.


In partnership with Mooring CG, E1 provided an array of comprehensive production management services including event site coordination, production resources, vendor bids and final acquisition, CAD ground plans, NYC DoB/NYFD compliance inspection and certification, scheduling, budgeting of multiple union labor calls and all other required resources.